Welcome to my website

My name is Sanja ( SteSa ) and I am Creative and Experienced Graphic Designer with over 8 years of experience with print and digital designs.
I help people to find, establish and shape their Business Visual Identity ( Brand Identity ). Or to refresh / redesign an existing one. My expertise includes all aspects of graphic design: Logo; Company ID ( business card, letterhead, envelope, ...); Advertising material ( brochures, flyers, posters,... ); packaging design ( boxes, labels, bags, clothing,...); web design ( websites, icons, banners,...)







The Brand

It is an emotional relationship between customers and the business. A brand is the way that your customer perceives you.
Good brands don’t just happen.
They are usually the results of a long-term strategy that guides how a company does business and is tightly bound to its understanding of customer needs.

The Brand Identity or Visual Indentity

Everything what is visual about a brand - is the brand identity.
It is a visual aspects ( what we can see ) that form part of the overall brand. Those aspects should be consistent in their appearance, use, size, scope, color, feel, etc. starting with logo, colors, typography, composition, graphics, packaging, web design and much more.
So, the key for The Brand Identity is consistency. Consistency allows your audience to build a memory structure around who you are and what value you have to offer.

The Logo

A logo identifies a business via the use of a mark , it can be a combomark ( symbol + word/s ), just a wordmark or just a symbol. The logo alone is not a brand, but it's a part of brand identity.

The Style guide

The main purpose of brand identity is to set guidelines on how to use those visual assets.

    The Style guide is consists of:
  • -   logo and logo variations - horizontal, vertical, colored, monochrome
  • -   logo usege - what we are and what we are not allowed to do
  • -   colors - primary and secondary
  • -   typography - a combination of fonts to be used for titles and text
  • -   graphic elements

How the logo is shown, what typefaces and colors is used - all those aspect form the visual identity style.


The work process usually starts when we agree on what you want / what you need and the prices.

1. Briefing - time depends on you

A brief of what you want and what should be put on: name for logo, business area, colors,... and what style you like

2. Starting - time depends on you

When we agree, You pay a deposit to get me started, unless we agree otherwise

3. Perpetration - about one day

I'm starting to work: researching, thinking, preparing,... (brain storming)

4. Designing - about 2 - 4 days

I am turning ideas into a drawing, based on your taste, the market, trends, my experience,...

5. Reviewing - time depends on you

I am sending you my designs (10 - 20 ) for you to review and choose which ones you like, and whether you want any changes: in color, font, or further development

6. Modifications - 1 - 2 days ( or more )

I send you designs with the changes you requested (if you requested), or new designs based on your suggestions and my new ideas ... - this can be repeated.

7. Confirmation - time depends on you

I'm sending you changes, if you still want to improve more. Or, if you are satisfied to confirm your choice - so I can start preparing the files.

8. Finalizing - time depends on you

When you are satisfied, you pay the rest, and I pack the finals: source files (vectors, pdfs) and images in multiple resolutions, and send them to you

Usually, when it comes to logo design or some other design, the process does not take longer than ten days.
It will mostly depend on you - how long it will take you to respond, I hope, not long. I work fast, and I expect from you to respond in a short time.
With the people I worked with directly, not through a contest, 90% was done in the first round, although they had the opportunity to ask for further changes, they obviously didn't have to - that says how well I work ! how creative and precise I am. The other 10% asked for minor changes: a different font or color.
To start any cooperation, or if you have any questions before you decide to hire me you can send me a message